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AGILE8 CONSULTING is the owner and manufacturer of COOLNOMIX® (see https://coolnomix.com) a world beating set of energy saving products for air conditioning and refrigeration that contribute directly to the COP21 Global Climate Change Initiative. As part of this we believe that our USA and internationally patented Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS) technology could help to reduce worldwide power generation requirements by as much as 12% (US Patent No. 9,664,426 B2 dated May 30,2017 refers).

Founded in 2005 as a full service business process and consultancy of first choice our objective is simple - "To provide clients with energy saving, problem solving and process re-engineering productivity that cannot be matched by our competitors". Our unique manufacturing and consulting approach combines tools and consulting insights with our clients’ business knowledge and experience to create advantage through innovation. 


December 2020. AGILE8's distributors worldwide have deployed over 20,000 COOLNOMIX® units across a broad spectrum of industry sectors in 34 countries worldwide. In addition to being selected by the US government for testing as a potential energy saving standard COOLNOMIX® has been helping HSBC, a multinational banking corporation for over three years to achieve its goal to reduce worldwide energy consumption by 10%. Over the next year we anticipate adding new ORS based energy saving technologies for the home, including a unique patent pending solution for centralized building and district cooling water chiller control in shopping malls etc.

Overall, AGILE8 is positioning COOLNOMIX® and ORS to be the industry standard in energy control worldwide. See our COOLNOMIX® product website (https://coolnomix.com) for details.


Check out and feel free to contribute to our Dragon's Fire Group on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com). Designed to promote discussion and process improvement, a latest Dragon's Fire article on Organisation Structures - A Time to Change? can be downloaded from HERE.



You might want to look at our case studies, all of which have two things in common. Apart from making use of our Insight© solution, all case studies commenced with an ultra-rapid feasibility study.


To us at AGILE8  ultra-rapid has three components - "One Consultant, Client Involvement, Ten Days of Fees".

The need for an ultra-rapid, low cost approach is driven by the high risk nature of ideas at their early stage of development, and not by the state of the economy.

The results from ultra-rapid feasibility studies allow our clients to make informed decisions on when and how to move forward with their best and most promising ideas.


Founded in 2005, we make use of Insight©, our flagship Artificial Intelligence based knowledge discovery solution to dramatically accelerate the knowledge discovery process on business consulting assignments.   Insight© builds on over 20 years of rapid business process improvement experience and it has been developed in-house and in China for use by our consultants. As we are the only consulting firm with such a problem solving and process modelling solution we believe this provides AGILE8 CONSULTING with a significant edge over its competitors in serving our clients.. When used on consulting assignments. . 

 really is the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!


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