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Celebrating COOLNOMIX's Membership in the United Nations Cool Coalition!

We are thrilled to announce that Agile8 Consulting and COOLNOMIX has been accepted as the newest member of the United Nations Cool Coalition Working Group! This prestigious membership reflects our dedication to advancing energy efficiency and climate-friendly cooling technologies on a global scale.

The UN Cool Coalition is a dynamic network that brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, including government bodies, cities, international organizations, businesses, finance institutions, academia, and civil society groups. Its mission is to facilitate knowledge exchange, advocacy, and collaborative action to accelerate the transition towards efficient and sustainable cooling solutions worldwide.

With over 100 partners, including 23 countries, the Cool Coalition promotes a holistic and cross-sectoral approach to address the cooling needs of both industrialized and developing nations. By focusing on the principles of “reduce-shift-improve-protect,” the coalition aims to tackle cooling challenges through various means such as urban planning, building design, energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, thermal storage, and the phasing down of harmful refrigerants like HFCs.

As a member of the Cool Coalition, COOLNOMIX joins a global community of like-minded organizations committed to raising climate ambition in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. By collaborating on science, policy, finance, and technology, we will collectively work towards meeting the increasing demand for cooling while ensuring a sustainable future.