Our services

We leverage AI solutions, consulting and industry expertise and advanced methodologies to help your business experience true innovation and transformation.

Agile8 Consulting

Our Consulting &
Solutions Delivery Expertise

From enterprise architecture design to process re-engineering and optimisation, our team of specialists is here to provide outstanding client value for every assignment.

We make use of the best technology, methodologies, consulting tools and solutions to deliver customised services that solve your business challenges. This includes using INSIGHT©, our leading AI based process analysis and optimisation solution, and BREAKTHROUGH©, our major strategic design process.

Services Include:

• Project and Programme Management
• Business Strategy
• IT Strategy
• Enterprise Architecture
• Process Reengineering
• Supply Chain Management
• Customer Relationship Management
• Sourcing
• Change Management

Manufacturing, Leasing & Licensing

For COOLNOMIX® and Related Products

Our manufacturing activities focus on the delivery of COOLNOMIX®, IoT based connectivity and related technologies in response to an increasing global demand for energy optimisation. In conjunction with development and manufacturing partners, we meticulously manage the planning, design, production and marketing of our innovative products, including all our future endeavours. This allows us to maintain a high level of control, quality and consistency throughout the entire journey, so your business can enjoy a streamlined experience.

Services Include:

• Maintaining Quality Control and Assurance
• Liaising with Manufacturing Partners
• Planning and Production
• Product Design
• Materials Sourcing
• Assembly
• Research and Development
• Engineering
• Marketing